Sandhill Crane #17-151

Sandhill Crane #17-151
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Jan 24 2017

A sandhill crane (17-151) arrived at CROW on January 24 from Herons Glen Golf & Club in North Fort Myers after it was seen limping on the golf course.  Radiographs showed a shattered right leg and 3 gun pellets (1 in the thorax and 2 in the right chest) and mild abrasions on the right wing.  A splint was placed on the right leg for the next seven days.  The crane is bright and alert, eating well and when standing is putting some weight on the right leg.  It will take approximately 5 weeks to heel before it can be evaluated for release.

Status Updates

Radiographs Show Improvement - Feb 08 2017 12:50 pm

The sandhill crane received x-rays and the right leg is showing signs of healing. The limb is more stable and radiographs indicate the fracture is well-aligned and straight. The splint was replaced and a follow up exam will be conducted in the near future.